Digimon: The Unacknowledged Paradigm (Adventure and 2.0)

From watching this show as a bright-eyed seven-year old, to more recently – and slightly shamefully – as my twenty-three-year old self, the one thing which consistently struck me was the depth of character which underpinned this largely dismissed series. I’ve written about similar themes before, as some of you may know, but, keeping nineties … More Digimon: The Unacknowledged Paradigm (Adventure and 2.0)

FF: Culture

He pounds the treadmill, until the sweat makes his skin amphibian slick and he knows that he is one of them. The elite, the enamoured, the desperate, praying in steel and iron cathedrals to a deity in the image of themselves. It’s more than a way of life, they know; it is culture. It is … More FF: Culture

FF: Shy

Don’t look at me; I’m not here. I’m blending into this wall so successfully that I’ve forgotten how to breathe. The stickled, grade school carpet bites prison bars into my knees, and steadily I become that too. Become trapped behind my own need to be obsolete. Don’t look at me; I’m not here. I can’t … More FF: Shy

To Write, To Isolate?

The human imagination is limitless, a resource which children, writers and escapists alike exploit to its fullest potential. But, with all the talk of the freedom that imagination brings, is it possible that there is another side also? Is it possible that all this ‘freedom’ is exacting a restraint on us that we’re barely even … More To Write, To Isolate?

Book Sins – The Classics We Just Couldn’t Swallow

Let’s face it, from time to time we’re all guilty of a little bookish name-dropping; it shoots our street-cred from zero to hero and makes us feel just a little bit smarter than the average. So whether it’s Chaucer, Milton or Dostoevski, the sheer amount of time and effort put into reading these monster works … More Book Sins – The Classics We Just Couldn’t Swallow

Paper or Pixels: The Great Debate

For someone who loves reading as much as I do, the inevitable question always is: do you prefer print books or e-books? A recent study, published in The Los Angeles Times, found that 92% of college students overwhelmingly favoured pages to screens when asked about their reading preferences. University linguistics professor Naomi S. Baron, author of … More Paper or Pixels: The Great Debate