The Abdication of Keith Kogane

In what is fast becoming signature style, Season 4 Voltron opened with a seismic rift that ratcheted the current storyline up into ever-increasing stakes. Featuring a Keith-centric episode, the opening to the much anticipated instalment explored the real breakdown of Team Voltron through its acting-leader’s torn loyalties. Swearing it his personal mission at the end of Season … More The Abdication of Keith Kogane

Digimon: The Unacknowledged Paradigm (Adventure and 2.0)

From watching this show as a bright-eyed seven-year old, to more recently – and slightly shamefully – as my twenty-three-year old self, the one thing which consistently struck me was the depth of character which underpinned this largely dismissed series. I’ve written about similar themes before, as some of you may know, but, keeping nineties … More Digimon: The Unacknowledged Paradigm (Adventure and 2.0)