FF: Siblings

I I am the oldest and I came first, none of my siblings can match up to me. I excel at everything I touch: the golden child, the precocious piece, the unyielding protégé. Humbleness is not in my nature, it is for weaker minds than I. Try, for example, number seven in our line. I … More FF: Siblings

FF: Culture

He pounds the treadmill, until the sweat makes his skin amphibian slick and he knows that he is one of them. The elite, the enamoured, the desperate, praying in steel and iron cathedrals to a deity in the image of themselves. It’s more than a way of life, they know; it is culture. It is … More FF: Culture

FF: Shy

Don’t look at me; I’m not here. I’m blending into this wall so successfully that I’ve forgotten how to breathe. The stickled, grade school carpet bites prison bars into my knees, and steadily I become that too. Become trapped behind my own need to be obsolete. Don’t look at me; I’m not here. I can’t … More FF: Shy