I Dare You To Move

George Bernard Shaw wrote: ‘Progress is impossible without change.’ In the initial instance he was speaking about personal growth; our ability to examine the facts, and change our opinions when those facts no longer supported our prior thoughts and beliefs. Yet the simple power of these words has almost guaranteed them a universal applicability – even to a humble university graduate, who is unsure where to start and more than a little intimidated by the vastness of the world.

But just as progress is impossible without change, the very act of changing necessitates some break or shift in routine which, in itself, can be frightening. This blog is that change. It is the voice of the quiet girl who loves books and writing, who could always speak better with paper than with words, and who is finally stepping up to be heard.

My name is Ashley-Rebecca, I am a twenty-two-year old freelance writer and aspiring author. I recently graduated from the University of Chester with a First Class in English and Creative Writing, and now freely admit that I have no idea what to do with my life. Besides an unhealthy obsession with literature and film, I love cacti, cycling and crochet. I also have an unrelenting tendency to fall for the background characters, because, let’s face it, sometimes the side-kicks are better than the heroes. [After all, ‘Frodo wouldn’t have got far without Sam.’]

It’s hard to pin something down to one, clear definition, so in the end I stopped trying. I want this blog to be about more than one thing, anyway. I want it to be both serious and silly, academic and just plain fun. But, most of all, I want it to be the kind of blog that anyone could stumble across, and invariably find something they wanted to read.

I dare you to move

like today never happened



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