Writer’s Truths: A Community Effort

Writing exists to be read. As writers, we accept that fundamental fact, yet the realist of sharing our work with friends/tutors/agents/publisher can be physically paralysing. It is the uncompromising reason why so many manuscripts sit idly in drawers, wasting away their potential, and eventually becoming something shameful. Being a writer means learning to become comfortable … More Writer’s Truths: A Community Effort

Writer’s Truths: Finding Inspiration

Dictionary.com defines Inspiration as: ‘an inspiring or animating action or influence,’ providing the eye-roll-worthy contextual example, I cannot write poetry without inspiration. Adding a little theological zest, it also describes inspiration, less exclusively, as: ‘a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.’ Both of these examples give an impression of inspiration … More Writer’s Truths: Finding Inspiration

Writer’s Truths: The First Draft

Hi, and welcome to my summer series of ‘Writer’s Truths’! 🙂 Posted each week I aim to explore different aspects of the writing process, drawing on my own experiences as a Literature and Creative Writing graduate, and debunking the damaging myth that REAL writers never struggle in producing their next bestseller. Believe me, behind every finished product there is a … More Writer’s Truths: The First Draft

‘You can’t write about fictional characters as if they’re real’

Recently for my Masters course I wrote a comparative essay on the characters of Othello and Oroonoko, focusing on internal and external responses to racial ‘otherness.’ Amongst other points, I tested my ‘heroes’ for a stress-induced vulnerability to mental illness, arising from the prejudice and discrimination they receive from the majority-white population surrounding them. Though … More ‘You can’t write about fictional characters as if they’re real’