The Abdication of Keith Kogane

In what is fast becoming signature style, Season 4 Voltron opened with a seismic rift that ratcheted the current storyline up into ever-increasing stakes. Featuring a Keith-centric episode, the opening to the much anticipated instalment explored the real breakdown of Team Voltron through its acting-leader’s torn loyalties. Swearing it his personal mission at the end of Season … More The Abdication of Keith Kogane

Eight Great Stories/Novels About Mental Illness

As part of my undergraduate degree, I studied a module called ‘Representing Madness,’ which examined the portrayal of mental illness in modern and 20th Century Literature. Apart from being an inspiring and insightful module in its own right, it also opened my eyes to some phenomenal works, which captured the extremes of human pain and resilience … More Eight Great Stories/Novels About Mental Illness

Writer’s Truths: A Community Effort

Writing exists to be read. As writers, we accept that fundamental fact, yet the realist of sharing our work with friends/tutors/agents/publisher can be physically paralysing. It is the uncompromising reason why so many manuscripts sit idly in drawers, wasting away their potential, and eventually becoming something shameful. Being a writer means learning to become comfortable … More Writer’s Truths: A Community Effort

Writer’s Truths: Finding Inspiration defines Inspiration as: ‘an inspiring or animating action or influence,’ providing the eye-roll-worthy contextual example, I cannot write poetry without inspiration. Adding a little theological zest, it also describes inspiration, less exclusively, as: ‘a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.’ Both of these examples give an impression of inspiration … More Writer’s Truths: Finding Inspiration